Window Painting for Birthday Celebrations

Window Painting for Birthday Celebrations

Birthday decor is pretty simple at our house, except for the window paintings.

It started with my son requesting a dragon themed birthday party.  How would I decorate for that, I wondered?  I didn’t know how to sculpt anything and he didn’t want a costume; could I possibly draw a dragon?   And where would I hang the picture?  It would need to go in the kitchen but we didn’t have any wall space. Then I eyed our large, sliding glass door -  perfect.  I borrowed the kids Crayola Window crayons and went to an art store (Aaron Brothers) where I  bought some higher quality glass markers.  Then while I held a plastic dragon figure in my left hand, I started drawing on the sliding glass door.

As you can see, it was quite a hit.

I added a matching cake too.


My daughter’s birthday was next.  She requested a dolphin theme.

Both children helped me draw this time.



We even did Halloween!

Halloween Window Art



Our last birthday featured a bald eagle. 



As you can see,  you don’t have to be a very good artist to enjoy window art. It washes off with soap and water,  so get your children and have fun!  And don’t forget to set up a giftsoc (wishlist) for your birthday child.  Everyone will appreciate the ideas and shopping convenience!