She's emotional, resilant, resourceful and funny!

The Top Five Comic Books For Girls

Most comic books feature male superheroes and scantily clad females that cater to a male audience.  There are a few comics that feature women superheroes,  and though some girls do enjoy reading those books,  after a while they may find that the protagonists’ graphically sexy bodies and glib rejoinders can get a little – well – “awkward!”  So here are five comic book series featuring strong girls and women who are smart, talented and not over-sexed.

1.  Amelia Rules! by Jimmy Gownley

11 year old Amelia has just moved to a new town with her divorced mother and hip, young Aunt Tanner.  Girls can relate to Amelia’s everyday fears and joys as she experiences life with her friends and “frenemies.”  The characters are well developed, the stories poignant, funny and full of heart.  Publishers recommendation ages 7 and up.

She’s honest, emotional and very funny.










2.  Little Lulu by John Stanley and Irving Tripp

These books are republished from collections written in the late 1940s through the early 1980s, from the original character created in 1935.  But don’t let that put you off.  Lulu is thoroughly modern in her sensibilities – smart, charming and sassy.  The stories picture a by-gone age that kids can vicariously enjoy through Lulu’s adventures.  Publishers recommendation, no age listed.

She’s spunky, smart and sassy!










3.  Sardine in outer space by Emmanuel Guibert and Joann Sfar

Sardine is a little girl who explores space with the help of other “space adventurers and pirates.”  They meet up with all kinds of aliens, both good and bad.  Each book contains 12 adventures in which it is usually up to Sardine to save the day.  Publishers recommendation ages 6 and up.

She’s funny, tricky and brave.










4.  The Incredibles by Mark Waid

This series is a follow up to The Incredibles Movie made in 2004.  The characters and style are true to the movie as is the artwork.  What sets this series apart is its’ depiction of a loving family who happen to have super powers.  The characters of the mother and daughter are as well developed as the father and son.  Publishers recommendation ages 8 and up.

They are loving, respectful and have super powers!










5.  Bone by Jeff Smith

The series follows the adventures of three male cousins – Bone creatures.  But it also features two strong female characters – Thorn and her Gran’ma Ben.  Together they have many adventures that range from hilarious to dramatic.  This series is a bit darker than the others but highly recommended.  Publishers recommendation ages 11 and up.

The female characters are fierce and brave.










Remember, these books aren’t just for girls, boys and parents enjoy them too!