The Making of a Giftsoc

The Making of a Giftsoc

Just what IS a giftsoc and what can it do for me?  Well, let us explain.

A giftsoc is a wish list where you can list any kind of gift you’d desire.  These can be anything you want – toys, books, clothes, date ideas, travel destinations, ideas for home-made gifts, charity gifts, you name it.  You can add gifts by using our Search tool (links to Amazon), our Bookmarklet (can be used on any shopping website) and our Custom Idea field.  Each gift idea also has a Comment field where you can add helpful information (such as clothing sizes or colors).

Giftsoc’s Bookmarklet









Where can you find these wonderful giftsocs?  At Giftsoc!  Giftsoc is our free website.  Here you can create a celebratory event – such as a birthday for your child – invite guests and share your child’s giftsoc.

If it’s an event like Christmas, each guest can create their own giftsoc which can be shared with all the members of that event.  Then those members will be able to shop from each others’ giftsoc.  They’ll appreciate the ideas and the handy shopping links!  And like a wedding registry, you won’t see what others have bought you. It can still be a surprise.



A Child’s Giftsoc









What kind of holiday events can you create?  We have many; these include Birthday events for people or pets, Christmas, Winter Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Baby Showers, or ones you create yourself.  Each event is private – only you and your invited guests will be able to view the details and giftsocs.  And you can create as many events as you’d like!  You can even create multiple family gift exchanges; for example, one Christmas event for your immediate family and a second Christmas event for your in-laws.

Event Page






So – you can create giftsocs and events – what else is special about the Giftsoc website?  We’ll be happy to tell you – SocTalk!   Each event has a SocTalk field where you and your guests can talk about the celebration!  Here you can plan the details, ask questions, or chat.  It puts the “social” in Giftsoc!







And parents – you can create giftsocs for your children or computer-challenged-grandparents, by creating Dependent Accounts.  You can even create a giftsoc for your cherished pet!  You can also use our RSVP feature to invite guests to a birthday party.

Birthday Party!






Try Giftsoc today!  We take the guessing out of giving.